Triple Tail Sunglasses

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Triple Tail Sunglasses
Every pair of H2Optix is a complete Marine Vision System, developed during more than a decade of research by optical scientists and professional water sports advisors. Sure, a few brands of sunglasses are marketed to water sports enthusiasts. But most are not specifically designed for use in real marine conditions. Read on, and learn why H2Optix are the only sunglasses that can overcome the unforgiving challenges of the world of water. H2Optix Lenses are constructed of a space-age polycarbonate formula. They are so durable that they can deflect small caliber projectiles and withstand the direct impact of a hammer blow. Yet, they are extraordinarily light. Each lens is vacuum-coated with micron-thin materials to enhance the sheeting action of water and improve depth perception, color transmission and visual clarity. And the mono-crystalline polarization process eliminates virtually all reflected glare and blocks 99.99% of UV radiation. H2Optix Frames are ruggedly fashioned from a lightweight, yet virtually indestructible European composite material. Hinges are created from corrosion resistant material and provide for maximum comfort and durability. FLEX-GRIP non-slip cushions on the temple and nosepad ensure a snug, yet comfortable fit. The H2Optix Adjustable Sports Strap ensures that your glasses stay firmly in place when you’re landing a sailfish or casting a surf stick. And each pair of H2Optix
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